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Accreditation / EOQM™️ Trademark Holder

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Now own the EOQM Trademark Permit and enjoy endless benefits:
1- The right to use the EOQM logo (certificates -ads -Internet).
2- Accreditation of an inspection and calibration company under the supervision and requirements of EOQM.
3- Your organization obtains the international ISO certificates,
which are: 
ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 45001:2018

And many other benfits in the accreditation of Inspectors and Auditors, Learn more now
Tm Holders, ASIT, OSHAuthorized, Arab International

EOQM Trade Mark Holders
Center name organization Licensed Location Licensed Fields Start Date expire_date Status Overview
ASIT ASIT United States of America Training, Accreditation System 2020-01-02 2026-01-01
Arab International Arab International Egypt, KSA, UAE EOQM Trademark Exclusive 2022-01-01 2027-01-01

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